Saturday, October 15, 2011

Design Interior Paris Apartment Smart by Coudamy

This amazing Paris apartment by Coudamy Design is a lesson in smart design. Packing lots of living into a mere 23m2, the Red Nest incorporates a bedroom, bathroom, dressing area and workspace through a system of moving shelves. The bookshelf, mounted to a track, slides back and forth to reveal (or conceal!) the sleeping quarters and dressing area.

On the other side of the wall enjoying its own privacy when needed, you’ll find the workspace. On the wall behind the display shelves you’ll find more strategically placed storage space. The modern palette of matte white and glossy red complements the room’s graphic appeal while enhancing this already vibrant design. As a finishing touch, the use of mirrors doubles the space visually, and bounces around light to further stretch the available space. Small but sweet and undeniably smart, the Red Nest 2010 apartment is a must-see.

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